Mobile homes

We offer you practical, comfortable and functional all-year around mobile homes, available in several versions, differing in size, contents equipment and finishing details.

General specification of the mobile homes:

  • The design of each mobile home consists of a wooden frame and a corrosion-protected steel frame, 2 suspension axels with non-steerable wheels and a translucent front / rear drawbar, which simplify the house setting
  • The roof consists of a wooden structure covered with high-quality steel roof tiles
  • Insulation is made of windproof and vapor barrier membranes
  • Mineral wool 10 to 15 cm thick was used to insulate the walls and roof
  • The floor is insulated with 8 cm thick foam polystyrene
  • All gutters are made out of PCV
  • Windows in each of the mobile homes are made out of PVC with an air supply system, double-glazed (4/16/4 thermo float shaft package). In the standard equipment of the house there is also a large balcony window with a tilting system that operates on a movable post. The dimensions of the balcony window are 1800 x 2100 mm
  • External doors are safe, full steel doors or PVC doors with glazing
  • An elegant and practical MDF door has been installed inside the house
  • The walls inside the house are finished with PVC or MDF panels, which can be freely chosen using a wide range of designs
  • On the floor there is a functional PVC floor covering, which we also adjust individually. The pattern and color of the floor covering can be found in the appropriate palette of designs
  • Single-phase electrical installation, conveniently located sockets, switches and switch box, double electric socket outside
  • Hydraulic installation consists of connections for the kitchen and bathroom, a valve for connecting the washing machine, as well as the venting of the sanitary installation. In each mobile home there is a CW and CO installation, as well as a 60-liter water boiler
  • RTV installation is located in two points of each house
  • Above the entrance door outside the house there is practical and energy-efficient LED lighting – two points of light that provide comfort and safety
  • Energy-efficient indoor LED lighting can also found in every room
  • Heating of mobile homes is electric, and in each room there is an electric heater with a thermostat, while in the bathroom a functional heating radiator
  • The height of the mobile home is 2.30 m

General interior equipment:

  • The mobile home consists of a living room, a kitchenette, a maximum of three bedrooms and a bathroom with a toilet
  • The living room is equipped with a suitable place for TV and an RTV socket (furniture and accessories are left to be arranged in-house)
  • A fully equipped bathroom in which there are:
    • 90 cm wide shower with battery
    • Cabinet with a sink and a battery
    • Toalet
    • Heating radiator
    • 60 l boiler
    • Connection socket for the washing machine
  • The kitchenette is fully equipped, there are:
    • Kitchen cabinets
    • Sink with a taps
    • Hood
    • 4 plate’s induction hob
    • Built-in fridge
    • Oven
    • Washing Machine
  • In the main bedroom there are:
    • 140 x 200 cm bed with a mattress
    • Wardrobes
    • Bedside tables
  • In the other bedrooms there are:
    • Two 80 x 200 cm beds with mattresses
    • Functional chest of drawers

Each of the houses is made based on the readymade design or an individual order. Our clients have the possibility of modifications made to the room layout as well as choice of contents equipment. We can also adjust the dimensions of your mobile home according to your needs.

We are happy to make an individual interior design to provide you with the highest comfort of use. We also offer you our advice to make sure that the solutions that we plan along with you will allow you to buy a functional yet an esthetic house ensuring comfort and convenience. This mobile home will serve you for many years.

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Intelligently designed, our mobile homes meet expectations even the most demanding clients.


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